"Whereas an artist adds colors and tints on a canvas, here it is necessary to take away to create these works - it is a subtle difference."

11 Testimonials for Cidinha


Durham NC USA

I wish I could own one of each piece from Cidinha. I gave given her art as gifts and for my house. And always a unique gift.

Rae Anne

Spring, Texas USA

I recently received the ""Precious Gems"" and ""Ocean"" centerpieces and am amazed with their beauty! It's obvious that Cidinha takes great pride in her work and I will display them proudly in my home. They are more beautiful than the pictures illustrate and I will definitely order from Novica, especially Cidinha, in the future! Thank you.



I purchased fire and water from this artist as a gift for my sister. She was absolutely DELIGHTED with how beautiful it is. I will be ordering more gifts from this artist. Thank you