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Kadek Jofana

Sterling silver jewelry in Bali and Java

“My name is Kadek Jofana. I was born in Gianyar in 1990. I am the second of two children. I was born in a hard-working... read more

“My name is Kadek Jofana. I was born in Gianyar in 1990. I am the second of two children. I was born in a hard-working family of silver craftsmen; my parents also learned to make silver from their parents. So it can be said that we have been silversmiths for generations. I live in a neighborhood where most of the residents are silversmiths. I majored in languages at the State University in Bali. After graduating from college, I was more serious about studying silver.

“In the past, when I was just starting to study silver, I still had to finish college. That moment made me feel hopeless. I was frustrated when I almost couldn't finish my thesis because I was busy at work. Thankfully, all that has passed and I can work more seriously. In this business, I play a role in designing and all of that is inspired by the development in my lifestyle over time. In the production process, I am assisted by my family and local residents, namely 4 families and 25 craftsmen. My team and I work with sincere love so that it produces good results. I also always remember the sentence that my parents used to say: ‘If you want to be successful, you must have different skills from other people.’

“In my spare time, I usually do gardening and yoga. I do yoga almost every day because I really enjoy every movement in yoga. After 10 years of dating my girlfriend, I finally married her after I graduated from college. Now, we are blessed with 1 daughter and 1 son.

“I got information about NOVICA from one of my friends. Even the craftsmen in my neighborhood have told many stories about NOVICA. I hope that by joining NOVICA, I can be helped in the field of product marketing.”

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