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Arreola Family Pewter Workshop

Aluminum decor and home accents in Mexico

“Hi! I'm Sonia Mireya Arreola Beltrán. 80 years ago, my father started this craft that is now passed on to my children.... read more

“Hi! I'm Sonia Mireya Arreola Beltrán. 80 years ago, my father started this craft that is now passed on to my children. During my childhood, he spent a lot of time in his workshop, playing with molds and the pieces that he made. Currently, I have been working pewter for 40 years in our family workshop, which was initially in Chihuahua. Then we moved to Zapopan, Jalisco.

“New technologies have replaced traditional techniques, by the industrialization of processes for aluminum modeling. But in our case, we preserve the technique with which we make our products, appreciating the beauty of handling aluminum and the legacy that has been in our family. All the pieces rescue the artisanal process of the pewter, and bring back the lost roots of artisan-cast aluminum. The pieces have a baroque, modern or indigenous theme, without neglecting the Mexican cultural roots. For us it is important to continue with the great family legacy.

“We use 100% recycled aluminum. It is a very light metal, resistant and without so much hardness. The challenging part is in fact the delicate treatment it requires. You must take care of the melting process, since aluminum is melted in a traditional way. Unlike with industrial machines, there are many casting errors. But the reward is to see the result with great aesthetics and shine, and also uniqueness, because there are no two pieces exactly alike.

“I have always thought that certain situations that arise are moments for your personal growth; moments to which you must give time, patience and dedication, to get the most out of it and feel proud.

“Due to the experience that I have obtained over 40 years working in this noble profession, I am in charge of being the guide for my family in our traditional family workshop. My son is in charge of the administrative field and of opening the window to the world through new technologies. My youngest daughter is in charge of taking over the new artisan techniques in combination with the traditional art of the pewter foundry, She is a great artist.

“I want to take our art to the whole world. It is a challenge, because you are a ship sailing in a sea of uncertainty; but if the crew members are with you on that ship, together you become unstoppable in the face of what may happen.”

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