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Katherine Satizabal

Sterling silver jewelry in Mexico

“I'm Katherine Satizabal Narvaez. I came from Colombia to Mexico in 2011. I decided to stay since I was doing things... read more

“I'm Katherine Satizabal Narvaez. I came from Colombia to Mexico in 2011. I decided to stay since I was doing things that I really like and that motivate me--designing, making jewelry and creative things. I started working in a jewelry workshop where they made silver pieces. That allowed me to learn about the different processes, materials, suppliers and how the jewelry field works. However, being away from the people I love is one of the biggest challenges. I like jewelry because with it you can make small sculptures. Silver is so versatile that it allows you to create pieces with many details, explore new ideas, and in my case, add mechanisms; creating pieces that you can keep for a lifetime, like a relic.

“My love for design and art comes from when I studied Industrial Design at the Universidad del Valle in Colombia. For some years I worked in the mechanical design industry, where I learned some techniques such as gearing, different types of mechanisms, the behavior of materials and 3D design. Several years allowed me to learn and gain experience and then make the decision to create my own designs. This has resulted in me making many mistakes; but ultimately I will improve the technique and above all, continue learning.

“Mainly I work with 925 silver; it is a very noble material that allows you to make mistakes. If, during the process, a piece is damaged or you make errors in its measurements, there is always the possibility of repairing it. And above all, the infinity of designs that you can create, letting your imagination fly. My main tool is drawing first; then with 3D design I can explore shapes and options. When planning a design, I feel like a fish in water. I have the support of the Jewelry Chamber and a workshop where they provide me with the jewelry casting and printing service. When I have the piece ready, without assembly, I take care of the entire process of finishing, polishing, assembly, welding and quality control in which I review the mechanism of the piece. The final part is the most special--to see the piece that you imagined come true. I consider that each design, especially the most complex ones, is like a child, because you take care of their process with a lot of love, until they are ready to go out in society and continue on their way. That is why, all my creations are marked with my initials NASAKA, which come from my name Katherine Satizabal Narvaez.

“Nature, with its textures, shapes and designs, gives me the inspiration to create different pieces, which are characteristic for being "kinetic", with that unique movement and hidden treasures. I combine my knowledge of mechanisms with my love and inspiration of nature.

“Finally, I want to contribute to the field of design with the 3D technique, proposing innovative pieces with applications of mechanisms, better known as “kinetic jewelry”. I also hope, little by little, to gain the trust of people, and that they like my work. And, on a personal level, to allow my restless mind to get married.”

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