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Adelina Saldaña

Leather handbags and accessories in Central America

“My name is Adelina Saldaña Briceño. I consider myself an honest, honorable, creative person and an art lover. I was... read more

“My name is Adelina Saldaña Briceño. I consider myself an honest, honorable, creative person and an art lover. I was born in 1954 in a town called San Francisco, in Nicaragua. I grew up with a very large family; my dad, my mom and my 12 siblings. From a very young age I had to work, since my parents had limited resources and I wanted to support them financially. We emigrated to the city of Chinandenga and later to the capital, in order to be able to attend the University. That took a lot of work and effort, but finally all the effort was worth it, because I prepared myself as a professional and today I am a small entrepreneur.

“My interest in this beautiful art was born in my family. My great-aunt made utilitarian ceramics in order to be functional and not just decorative; that is why it requires a lot of creativity. My daughter Arlen started in the art world at the age of 15, making ceramics, just like my great-aunt. I supported my daughter throughout the process of becoming an artisan, accompanied her to fairs, supported her in the production process and supported her financially. Upon retirement, I became even more involved in crafts, creating my own line inspired by my daughter.

“When I started making products, I looked for designs and gave them to my relatives. Little by little I learned to make many products. I was always motivated by the love for art, for my country and its customs. I have always liked to create and be active, so for me, it is a hobby that I enjoy very much. It is incredible how functional pieces can be made with my hands and with my own creativity.

“At the moment I have been working with my daughter for a year. We divide the tasks and we work very well together; we carry out our work in a craftsmen's workshop in Masaya. Our specialty is leather products, which we make with great dedication. And our greatest inspiration is the love of art, traditions, artisan peoples and the trajectory of us, as a family and as artisans. Of course we always work to provide a quality product, made with a lot of effort and love. I have always liked all kinds of artistic expressions, and by supporting my daughter, I was entering the world of crafts, meeting people, artists and artisans. Now I can spend time creating products and working more closely with other artists like I did with my daughter.”

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