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Arzate Family

Arzate Family

“We are the Arzate Family, originally from the beautiful state of Guanajuato. We are artisans who make cute wooden... read more

“We are the Arzate Family, originally from the beautiful state of Guanajuato. We are artisans who make cute wooden articles. It is thanks to our father, Antonio Arzate, and his teaching since we were children that we learned to create beautiful wooden items. We learned from childhood, as he did, as a beautiful tool to bring livelihood home. It was Mr. Bernardito Vera who transmitted his knowledge to our father and to us. Now, it is our obligation as a family to strengthen this beautiful tradition.

“One detail that we really enjoy is the initial process of designing new pieces. We have a predilection for classic car designs, since part of the history of our country is reflected in its industrial evolution. My father began this beautiful work when he was just a child, and for him it reflects an important part of his childhood and memories.

“Starting this beautiful journey as a family has been a challenge that has taught us a lot, especially in being more united as a family. Dedication has been one of the most important pillars to have the necessary experience to continue creating beautiful and quality pieces. We always look for the balance point of quality and tradition, and the value of a piece made in an artisanal way. Every part of the process is led and directed by our father, while we focus on the assembly of each of the pieces.

“We know that to achieve a goal, dedication and commitment are very important. To do it with passion, and to share your experience with whoever wants it. As a family, our main drive is our children, and the inheritance that we sincerely wish to transmit to them. But above all, we wish to show and share the wealth of our Mexico and Guanajuato.”

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