The NOVICA Art Expert

With such a tremendous variety of handmade treasures to explore, Novica brings to you the Art Expert, a series of detailed informational columns designed to help you expertly tour your way through the wide, wonderful world of fine arts and home décor!


NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, features artistic mirrors made from a wide variety of wood tones and types. With hundreds to choose from, there is certain to be one that fits your home decor. The Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors of Peru, for instance, are skillfully crafted, economically priced, and reflect the color and tradition of Andean culture. You can view some fascinating examples on NOVICA's primary mirrors page.

Some of the finest artisans across the globe handcraft the magnificent selection at NOVICA. Our connection with these artisans provides you with an online resource for unique and hard-to-find works at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a specific design or the work of a particular artisan, please follow our links below to locate the piece that will best match your particular taste or needs:

Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors from the Andes. Featuring works that are crafted by hand with traditional painted glass techniques unique to Peru's Cajamarca region. Delicately painted, the motifs feature golden hues and an antique finish.

Art Glass Mirrors. Colorful designs that lend cheer to a hallway or a designer accent to a restroom. Particularly popular are those by Jak from Brazil.

Natural Fiber and Mahogany Mirrors. NOVICA offers a unique resource for purchasing fine hardwood mirrors, including mahogany and teak. Notice in particular the unique shutter style from Bali.

Leather and Wood Mirrors. Many of NOVICA's leather craftsmen originally dedicated themselves to crafting saddles for Peru's world famous paso horses. Today, they lend their skills to the art of crafting mirrors. You'll notice the saddle studs and other elements such as those by Rocio Davila which borrow elements from equestrian saddles.

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