The NOVICA Art Expert

With such a tremendous variety of handmade treasures to explore, Novica brings to you the Art Expert, a series of detailed informational columns designed to help you expertly tour your way through the wide, wonderful world of fine arts and home décor!

Gold earrings

The Gold Earrings from NOVICA are unparalleled in terms of beauty and cultural significance: these are not mass produced, big brand products, but handmade works of art. We offer a wide selection of uniquely designed jewelry from handcrafted artisans around the world. With jewelry created by more than 2,000 master artists, we have a style and design to fit every taste in fine accessories.

A perfect choice in gold earrings from NOVICA is the "Forest Duet" design by Danai Leosawathiphong from Thailand. The intricate rubber tree leaf design is fashionably detailed and attached to hook earrings. The idea of electroplating natural products such as a rubber tree leaf has led to many beautiful sets of gold earrings. Each pair is as unique as the leaves are in natural form.

Depicting Peru's folkforic dance is a beautifully designed set of gold earrings set by Giuliana Valz-Gen from Peru. All of her designs are steeped in the Peruvian culture. The beauty, femininity, and flowing movement of her creations are enlightened by the richness of the 22 karat gold plated silver. The beauty of the gold is the crowning touch to a Peruvian masterpiece. Many other designs of gold earrings are available such as " Tears of Joy" from Brazil, " Golden Mask" and " Majesty of the Sun" from Mexico, and many more.

For an up-close look at any of the artisans associated with NOVICA, just browse this website. You can read all about their life experiences as an artist and vision for beautifully designed gold earrings and other jewelry. We use only those artisans who have an established history of providing top-quality, unique designs.

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