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Welcome to Novica's Red Shawls Collection! Discover embroidered, patterned and floral red shawls in our unique gallery below:

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Women's Red Shawls

Red makes a bold fashion statement, adding warmth and pizzazz to any outfit. The color of intense emotion, it always gets attention. It also suggests power and poise… think 'red carpet' events. Did you know red is the color of fortune and happiness in China? Browse through Novica's great red shawl collection for as much or as little color as you like. Scarlet alpaca wool from Peru. Wine-red paisley from India. Crimson batik from Bali and Java. Women's cotton shawls from Central America , shimmering silk from Thailand and Ashante kente cloth from Ghana… Novica has unique artisan-crafted red shawls for ever taste and wardrobe!