Women's Patterned Shawls

Welcome to Novica's collection of patterned shawls. Discover wool, silk, alpaca wool and cotton patterned shawls in our gallery below:

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Patterned Shawls

From classic Indian paisley to pre-Hispanic motifs from the Andes to delicate Javanese batik, art motifs from around the world distinguish the designs in Novica's patterned shawl gallery. Many motifs from Bali have their origin in Indonesian royalty. Thai shawls are woven by hand with shimmering silk to create geometric patterns of extraordinary precision. Different in design, patterned shawls from Guatemala show a distinct motif and color set for each Maya village. Modern Brazilian masterpieces are painted by hand. Browse through our extensive collection. You're sure to find the perfect womens accessories for your own personal style.