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Welcome to the Red Silk Scarf Collection at NOVICA. Flaunt a red silk scarf and set hearts aflame:

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Red Silk Scarves

"Various climatic conditions have different effects on the colors and penetration of dyes.” Artisan Kamini knows and says this because, like many NOVICA artisans, she pays attention to the details that make the difference between good and superb. The richness of the hue in a red silk scarf defines its personality; a cherry red adds far more energy to an ensemble than a brick red, after all. These red silk scarves model the red spectrum with nature’s lush silk for added zest. Purchasing a red silk scarf through NOVICA also means promoting fair business. India Social connects artisans previously overburdened and underpaid to NOVICA for world market success. A red scarf through NOVICA is more than just a way to be somebody’s lady in red; it’s a way to help change the world. For some similarly thrilling silk scarves, check out the pink silk scarf collection.