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Welcome to the Floral Silk Scarf Collection at NOVICA. Tie a floral silk scarf ‘round your neck and you’ll be the daintiest of daisies.

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Floral Silk Scarves

Flowers have been an intimate part of human history because of their beauty and pleasant fragrances - with some notable exceptions - and silk is nature’s most luxurious fabric. The most delicate and desirable of nature’s frou frou come together to create these floral silk scarves. Though the garments are light and small, they make big differences in lives the world over. India Social, an organization created to aid Indian artisans, teaches craftsmen how to market their floral scarves and other goods, so they can sustain themselves with their crafts. Purchasing a floral silk scarf from NOVICA means supporting individuals and communities with talent and passion. Ahmed Saleh used his artistry to put him and his sisters through school, and now he makes floral silk scarves to thrive with flourish.