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Find warm ambers and bold rusts featured in a lavish selection of soft fabric in NOVICA’s orange Peruvian alpaca wool scarves collection. Happy exploring!

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Orange Peruvian Alpaca Wool Scarves

Look as toasty as you will feel wearing the warm colors showcased in our unique collection of orange Peruvian alpaca wool scarves. Have your pick from an array of luxuriously soft pieces in patterned, crocheted, striped, or solid varieties. This soft and durable special fiber from Peru is a perfect alternative to sheep’s wool, which is often too scratchy to wear all day long. But the wool used in baby alpaca scarves is so cozy you will never want to take yours off! Enjoy your piece of Peruvian indulgence in hues of burning ember and sunset tangerines, which will add a positive aura to any ensemble. Your purchase of an orange alpaca wool scarf includes the story card of the Peruvian artisan who handmade your prized accessory, bringing you even more warmth each time you wear it.