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Welcome to NOVICA's collection of Peruvian alpaca scarves, containing diverse accessorizing options, including patterns, solid colors and crocheted scarves. Happy exploring!

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Peruvian Alpaca Scarves

Some believe that modern-day scarves actually descended from the Sudarium (Latin for ‘sweat cloth’); commonly used by men during the Roman Empire. Later on in 17th century China, scarves were fashioned from silk for reasons purely ornamental, while Northern European soldiers wore wool scarves for warmth. Today, however, the scarf has become a universal staple in the fashion world. Ranking among the more opulent selections, the Peruvian alpaca scarf is distinguished for being both lightweight and warm qualities. Browse NOVICA’s collection of alpaca scarves in a wide range of colors, including 22 natural shades of fleece for an unmatched selection of exquisite accessories.