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Walking Sticks from West Africa

Today many people think of walking sticks as canes or walking aids, however, the history of the walking stick shows that it has many purposes past the obvious. For centuries walking sticks were used as an emblem of authority, a wardrobe accent, and as weaponry. In European cultures walking sticks symbolized the authority of a king and was a decorative addition to church leaders’ attire. In Egypt, most people possessed walking sticks, but they differed in design based on the persons status in society. In African culture the most notable group to use walking sticks are the Maasai people of Kenya. The Maasai people are known for their jumping and dancing rituals, many of which involve forms of walking sticks. NOVICA’s artisans from the West African region hand-carve beautiful walking sticks to depict different features of their culture. Take home a piece of African tradition with one of our stunning walking sticks from West Africa, and complete your look with one of our West African scarves!
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