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Men's Peruvian Alpaca Wool Scarves

Welcome to NOVICA's collection of men's Peruvian alpaca scarves! Discover unique solid and patterned alpaca wool scarves from Peru in our gallery below.

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Popular Men's Peruvian Alpaca Wool Scarves

Men's Peruvian Alpaca Scarves

Today, the scarf serves a dual role as a popular fashion accessory and a practical option during winter months. But where do scarves come from? History suggests men in ancient Roman actually wore something similar to the modern scarf. However, our scarf’s ancestor was then made of linen and used to clean the face and neck. Chinese men wore scarves made of cloth, unlike today's wool, to symbolize their rank in the Chinese army. But it is no surprise that the French were first to wear scarves the way we do today, as colorful fashion accessories. Peruvians traditionally, and contemporarily, make and wear wool scarves for warmth in the chilly Andes Mountains. Enjoy an extensive selection of beautifully handcrafted alpaca scarves straight from the heart of the Andes.