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Cufflinks from Indonesia

To add style and elegance to a man’s outfit, the cufflink has been the go to item since the 16th century. Starting as small chains or pieces of string, cufflinks were first popular in England and France. In England, men’s cufflinks were worn by the upper class to show their high ranked position in society. In France, men’s cufflinks were popularized by Louis XIV, who wore the French acclaimed double shirt cuff. It was not until 1788, however, that the use of the word cufflink was used and documented. As times changed, the cufflink also changed. Starting in the 19th century men’s cufflinks were adorned by men of the middle class as casual wear. A timeless accessory, NOVICA’s artisans add their unique craftsmanship to our men’s cufflinks from Indonesia. Made from sterling silver, onyx, or pearl, Indonesian cufflinks are handcrafted into stunning pieces for him! For a more casual style take a look at our men’s cotton shirts which are sure to please the eye!