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Geometric Mirrors

Bold lines and shapes make these geometric mirrors an outstanding addition to any space.

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Popular Geometric Mirrors

Geometric Mirrors

Geometry has long been viewed as the most sacred math, and not unreasonably so, as the blueprints of nature hinge on geometric patterns. In times past, these shapes were used in the depictions of religious figures, or have been the objects of worship themselves. In these geometric mirrors, nature’s symmetry is reflected in the mirror itself as well as the perfect polygons that enclose it. Manuel Polar and Luis Ormeño create many geometric mirrors, and focus on their distinctive finishes. The perfected product is a labor of love, handcrafted with friends. Abel Rios works independently and furnishes his geometric mirrors with designs from the Incas, known for their geometric connection to all aspects of life. These masterfully-made geometric mirrors point to the ideals prevalent-yet-unseen in the cosmos.
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