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Colonial Mirrors

A synthesis of Baroque Europe and indigenous America, these colonial mirrors are one-of-a-kind pieces in a unique genre.

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Popular Colonial Mirrors

Colonial Mirrors

Veronica Ossio doesn’t take all the credit for her works. When she looks at one of her mirrors, made of Peruvian alabaster, she admires the details of nature’s stonework and its direct record of regional history. A colonial mirror from her not only captures the character of the time, but incorporates authentic relics from the period. In part of his effort to preserve Peruvian tradition, Edmundo Contreras makes colonial mirrors of this style, recognizing the fusion as a part of Peru’s history. He also uses techniques passed down and creates his hand painted mirrors by reverse painting. Those in the Nahuala Artisan Cooperative fashion colonial mirrors to improve their living conditions and maintain pride in their countries and themselves.
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