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Brass Mirrors

A decorative mirror made of brass is regal, rustproof, and easy-to-maintain, adding warmth and radiance without the hassle.

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Popular Brass Mirrors

Brass Mirrors

Brass is a dynamic alloy whose luster complements the brilliance of mirrors. Brass has an extraordinary range of practical uses. Its conductivity makes it perfect for electrical fittings, its acoustic properties provide the orchestra with its brass section, and its anti-microbial nature makes it a popular material in the intensive care unit. And don’t worry about the environment - these brass mirrors are made from sustainable metals. They can not only survive recycling, but harsh weather. Brass mirrors can withstand humidity, as brass does not rust. Instead, brass develops a patina which further protects it and which many find favorable to its shine. If you prefer your brass mirror’s original glisten, occasionally rub on a brass cleaning solution. If cared for, a brass mirror is an heirloom-quality piece that will add warmth and shine to your house for generations.
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