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Aug 22, 2003

Novica Gifts Benefit Wildlife Projects

by Lisa Tsering


Novica.com, the popular online gift store that supports artisans in India and around the world, has launched a campaign benefiting endangered animals.  Novica's Gift Animals Web site, www.giftanimals.com, is the world's largest resource for animal-themed gifts and features hundreds of items from India.


"While proceeds from some of the animal-themed gifts benefit specific animal charities, all purchases directly benefit artisans in the developing world," said Novica spokesperson Catherine Ryan.  The site is co-branded with National Geographic, and each month a different animal charity is chosen to receive proceeds.


On the site, animal lovers will find more than 1,000 handmade creations ranging from specific breed elephant, tiger, cow and other animal collectibles handmade by master craftsmen, to textiles, wrought iron, ceramic tea sets, and jewelry. GiftAnimals also features an irresistible "Kids' Corner," featuring animal-themed gifts for children.


Each item displayed on the site comes with a complete biography of its creator and interesting background information on art forms from India and around the globe.  The site enables customers to buy directly from the artisans, at prices set by the artisans themselves.  This means artists earn more than they could if they sold their wares locally, and customers benefit by paying far less than international retail for beautiful handmade items.  Novica's mission is to provide opportunities for artists and to actively preserve traditional cultures and skills.

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Artesenia en el Internet Back to List A2C: Artesano al Consumidor


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