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Just Hanging Around Back to List Novica joins forces with Roberto de Villacis, haute-couture designer to the stars

Aug 3, 2009

Novica Design Ambassador: My first post

Roberto de Villacis

Hello Novica patrons, artisans and fans!

I grew up reading National Geographic which not only educated me on the natural wonders of our universe but also the extraordinary richness of our human history. I wanted to become an archeologist, explorer, discover some lost tribe in the jungle and become a hybrid of Indiana Jones and Jacques Cousteau.

I have been an eco-conscious advocate since I first learned about global warming in the 80s from National Geographic. So I share the philosophy of being an educated consumer and think global, act local. There is no shopping mall in the world that can compare with Novica who supports 3,000 artisans who in turn support on average five others who in turn have families giving a rough estimate of a 50,000 strong community that you support!

My first design assignment is to explore my ancestral Inca roots 13,000 feet in air. I will channel for inspiration as I trek down the Inca Trail. My plan is to work with several Novica artisans to turn silver and stones into wearable energy amulets and others and to knit some incredibly chic winter wear to keep us warm so we can keep those thermostats down and save some energy. A comfy sweater, a roaring fire and some hot chocolate is really all we need... well maybe a hot lover as dessert as well...

So please remember that you are not only buying an object to treasure forever you are supporting these artisans who are not only the keepers of our collective culture but there are 50,000 individuals that depend on your patronage.

So on that note before I venture off to South America - I am putting my money where my mouth is and instead of sending a $1,000 check to a reputable charity (hush I do that as well but I am shopping here…) I have decided to do some therapy shopping and go bananas.

The selection of Novica is beyond gorgeous so I have to restrain myself and my budget is $1,000 but hey I’ve spent that before on a fashion t-shirt... and I have a huge list of “forgotten” presents I want to buy (the endless list of “missed your birthday but I’ll remember to get it one day.”)

So here goes… my shopping spree across the continents is displayed here to the right. The first month you’ll see the color red was my inspiration.

Sincerely from your Design Ambassador,

Roberto De Villacis


About Roberto de Villacis:

The designs of Roberto de Villacis been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, W, and Elle and stars like Penelope Cruz, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Moss have showcased his original designs in red carpet premieres, press photos and charity events. Having recently completed filming as a designer-contestant in Bravo’s Launch my Line reality show airing this fall, de Villacis will soon commence work on co-producing a feature film entitled "Glamour Saves the World" showcasing his art and fashion shows in Brazil, France and India. Beyond his work as a designer, de Villacis is also a fine artist and has exhibited his fusion of fashion and the arts in major museums and galleries worldwide.

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Just Hanging Around Back to List Novica joins forces with Roberto de Villacis, haute-couture designer to the stars


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