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Oct 1, 2007

Essential Elements

Avid Living

Armando Ramirez creates an admirable chess set as he transforms an assortment of parts into two proud legions.  Spark plugs become towers, whereas sprockets form the base of each rugged piece.

Jamras Thapinta introduces practical innovation to his art as he designs and crafts this unique wine bottle holder.  Shaped like a hand, ancient depictions of Buddha inspired this holder. 

 A sleek assymetrical vase reveals the fascinating textures of Balinese coconut shell.  Ketut Sukayasa creates the piece by hand and applies a rich ivory color.

Red and black combine with soft textures in this hammock, which is ideal for camping and travel.  They designed the hammock using the same sturdy nylon silk as parachute fabric, which quickly conforms to and cradles the body.  Traditional hammocks used for sleep in Bali inspired the design and composition of this comfortable, compact and easy-to-use hammock.

Alpaca blend shawls are perfect for cool days and chilly evenings.  The alpaca thrives at the imposing altitudes of the Andes, producing luxurious lightweight wool that is exceptionally fine, warm and lustrous.  Alpaca wool is highly prized and selective breeding by the ancient Incas succeeded in achieving such extremely fine fleece products. 

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101 Ornaments Back to List Get Inspired


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