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Changing the World Back to List Home Inspiration

Jul 1, 2005

Cover Painting

Alternative Therapies

Featured Artist

About the Cover:

Vidal Bedoya Altamirano explain that, "in my art one can expect violent beauty and unusual tenderness. I am inspired by my ancestral Peruvian culture; I express it in my paintings without intellectualizing it. My art also depicts experiences from my social environment." Leaves drift languidly in the lemon light of late afternoon, and a copper light emanates from a verdant canopy in the enchanted forest scene in Warm Sunset, seen on the cover.

Warm Sunset, Calido Atardecer in Spanish, is oil and beeswax on canvas. Vidal Bedoya Altamirano's paintings can be viewed and purchased at www.Novica.com. Novica.com, part of the National Geographic family, is an online world arts marketplace featuring the creations and biographies of thousands of fine artists and master artisans worldwide.

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Changing the World Back to List Home Inspiration


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