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Jan 31, 2005

Thai Arts & Crafts Aid Tsunami Victims

Northern Citizen newspaper

Armenia Nercessian de Oliveira, president of international operations of www.Novica.com in association with National Geographic, informs that Novica's offices in Bali, India, and Thailand were not damaged by the Tsunami. However, Novica greeted news of the disaster with sadness. Novica has donated ten percent of its sales during the month of January 2005 to UNICEF, to aid Tsunami victims in India, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In response to terrorism fears and the Tsunami catastrophe, American tourism has declined. At the same time, it is predicted that web site purchases of good from those countries will increase considerably. In 2004, Internet sales increased 25 percent throughout the United States. This growth definitely includes the sales of Thai arts and crafts sold through Novica. Novica expects its 2005 growth to exceed 40 percent.

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