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Mar 1, 2002

Bali Sculptor Markets His Work by Internet

by Rah Agung

Bali Travel News

Born in Bali on 4 April 1955, Nyoman Subrata started gaining interest in various artistic works, especially statues, while still in his childhood. He has been learning sculpting since he was a third-class pupil in elementary school sanding statues and watching how sculpting is executed. Just thereafter he was given a chisel for sculpturing. His instructor was Wayan Sukamara, a Blangsinga Village's sculptor.

From elementary school he continued his studies in Junior High School, but he failed to reach a class higher than the first because of lack of financial means. So, he plunged himself into learning sculpting, under guidance of his instructor. Subrata had been involved in a Mas Village art shop, helping to sell its commodities for six months, while concurrently sculpting privately.

He ceased his job in the art shop, as he had received an invitation to sell his carvings in the Sahid Hotel. Here, the works he created attracted the attention of many buyers. Next he began selling his sculptures through Novica.com, an internet company in cooperation with National Geographic. In the beginning, he was interested to see whether the link would be of advantage, unsure what would happen -- he had been promise that his entry into this joint venture was free of charge. It was unbelievable to him that this could happen with out payment to list his items on the web site, he told Bali Travel News. By this cooperation, Subrata has made great strides in his business, and so decided to close his shop in the hotel, while moving his business to his home.

Now, he employs 24 sculptors at home. He pays a commission to Novica when his sculptures are sold through the Internet. He earns a much greater profit now, while living happily with his wife Nyoman Jati and several children.


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Penny for Your Thoughts... Back to List Socially Responsible Investing (interview with Robert Milk)


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