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Tiger Eye Pendant

Tiger Eye Pendant

Welcome to Novica's Tiger Eye Pendant Gallery! Please enjoy browsing our loveliest tiger's eye pendants below:

Popular Tiger Eye Pendant

The Tiger Eye Pendant

Bringing variety and beauty to necklaces and bracelets, pendants derive from talismans or amulets worn around the neck since the Stone Age. In the 21st century, they are focal points of jewelry in a wide range of styles. Worn on gleaming silver chokers, chains and strand necklaces, the tigers eye pendant brings warmth to the wearer.

Tiger's eye comes primarily from South Africa. Believed to bring prosperity, tigers eye is perfect for people in need of more confidence to accomplish their goals. Roman soldiers wore it, engraved with symbols, to protect them during battle.

Showcased in jewelry, Novica's tiger's eye pendants are crafted primarily from sterling silver and embellished with the honey-hued tiger eye gemstone. We are proud to present a Tiger Eye Pendant Gallery created by the world's most skilled silversmiths and jewelry artisans. Our tiger's eye pendants are available in an array of styles and settings. You'll find them on romantic heart necklaces, dangling from sterling silver bracelets, and even on anklets. Novica's Tiger Eye Pendant Gallery has something for everyone to enjoy.