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Where to begin? I could not possibly describe the quality of Novica's service, or the quality of their artists crafts and do either justice. They are truely unsurpassed. I have 11 wood carvings from Bali proudly displayed in my home, and 2 more on the way. Without Novica, this wouldn't be possible. They have created a whole new world for collectors. This level of quality can not be found in any retail store I have ever been in. At best, I may find a mediocre carving elsewhere, and for less money I can buy a true masterpiece at Novica. I just can't say enough, with each and every purchase I am amazed all over again. Nine of these carvings are all by one artist, whom I must point out --I Nyoman Subrata! Each day, I find myself staring at one of these carvings in absolute amazement. His work is truly breathtaking, and has added so much to my home. Novica makes every sale a great experience, with their service, their quality, and overall what they stand for. They are truely the best, and I am certainly a customer for life!

Cody Nalder

I just received my birthday gift from my two daughters, a clove basket from I Made Budiardana. I LOVED it so much I just ordered 4 more for Christmas presents for my closest friends. What a fabulous find. I have been to Bali and missed this treasure. Thank you so much and I hope to communicate with this artist.

Margy Wilskie

I just received my second painting by Edi Bousquet. I loved the first one so much that I had to buy another one. The second one is just as beautiful as the first one. All my friends and family have commented that they have never seen such unique, colorful and beautiful paintings. I am so thankful for Novica bringing his art into my house. I wish I could personally tell Mr. Bousquet how much I admire his artwork.

Meryl Shapiro

I have just received the placemats that I ordered from Zimbabwe. They were wrapped beautifully and packaged very well. The placemats look beautiful on my dining room table. Thank you very much.

Lucy Brenner

I found your website completely by accident, and a happier accident I couldn't wish for! I just received my glass candle holder from the Molinari family in Brazil, and not only was it beautifully wrapped, it came with a nice postcard from Rio! I can't wait to get something else from them...they do great work! Thanks!

Jaime Birren

I just received the four vases I ordered from the Castillo family in Mexico. Having visited San Miguel de Allende several years ago, we were familiar with the beautiful artifacts created in the area of Guanajuato. I must say, I never expected such magnificent pieces at such reasonable prices! The vases are incredible and the colors are indescribable (I just went and looked at them again - magnificent!) I would like to thank the Castillos for being accessible through Novica.com. I'm actually going to purchase several more right now. Thank you again for being there!!

Connie McLaughlin

I read about Nana Frimpong in an article in the Christian Science Monitor, checked out the website and bought the Pra River model stool. The stool is exquisite and the service from Novica was excellent. I have told several friends about Novica and its mission. I will be furnishing my house with many items from master craftsman from around the world thanks to Novica.

David Sugimoto

You have the most unique sight on the web! I ordered three rugs from Ruiz Bazan. Perfect. For anyone who would buy from this site, you are getting works of art! My first order came today. My second goes in tonight. I'm more than pleased & glad I found you.

Donald Nelson

Yesterday I received my rug made by Syed Hussien in India. How beautiful! I was equally delighted by the handwritten postcard he sent along with the rug. A friend of mine was able to translate it from Hindi into English. A simple note relating hearrfelt thanks to me for purcahsing the rug. Indeed, it is I who wish to thank him for such a gorgeous piece of art, one that will surely be handed down in our family. Please, please let Mr. Hussein know how thankful we are for his sharing his family's wonderful skill with us.

Marla Grossman

I already have two Ashanti stools and desperately wanted another one, but had no way of getting it. I recently read an article about Nana Frimpong in the Christian Science Monitor. What joy to be able to go on-line and order my longed for ashanti stool. I was thrilled to be able to monitor its journey and was so excited when I logged in and discovered that it had been delivered. I went to my front door and there it was! All beautifully and carefully wrapped. I was like a kid in a candy store. When I daily pass my new and beautiful addition, I smile each time. Thank you to Nana Frimpong for the care and love that went into carving this stool. Keep up the good work, and I will definitely be sharing Novica's web-site with all.

Tracy Nicolaides

I purchased the Nazca Travel Bag 1 from the Andes and I want to share my story. I take frequent weekend visits to a disabled friend to help her and this bag is perfect for me to carry my pillow and a weekend of clothing. The side compartment is perfect for storing my medicines and anything I wish to have quick access to. I have received many wonderful compliments on the design and dimensions of the bag. Thank you for having this as a selection for me!

Paula Ward

I wish to Thank Sushila for the beautiful cushion covers I received. I am thrilled with my purchase and hope to purchase stuff from Novica in the future. I also wish to commend Novica on their service and delivery deadline. Thank you once again Sushila. Keep creating beautiful pieces. I will surely purchase more items from you.

Roshanara Jayawardene

I am totally in awe of Novica. I am spending sleepless nights surfing it. My entire Christmas wish list has been filled through Novica. I think Novica is a superb concept, greatly executed and filled with wonders.

Claude Pierre Louis

Dear Novica, I've just received my second shipment from you. The first, from Peru, was beautiful. The second, necklace and earrings designed by Indian artist Rajan, took my breath away. Rajan made me feel as if I were his cherished friend and he was sending me a gift. The jewelry arrived in a beautiful Indian purse that could be used for an evening bag. He wrapped the items so carefully and lovingly that I could feel the joy he had in creating them. Also, he included a hand-written note -- in two languages -- and a small carved letter opener. From his care and generosity I felt quite beloved. Rajan is not a craftman who pendles his ware -- he is a talented artist who connects in a very personal way with the recipient of his art. Thank you. I will be a customer of his for a long time.

Jeane Vogel

Dear NOVICA, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful items that I ordered from you! Unwrapping the boxes from Thailand and India was more exciting than Xmas. Even the smell of the paper took me back to my visits in these countries! I absolutely loved the wonderful wrappings and personal greetings from the artists. It makes me feel like we are old friends - that haven't yet met. I can't wait to buy more from this organization! Thanks for making my day!

Janna Wieland

Dear NOVICA, I have just received my first order, a "coffee set" from the Andes by artist Maricarmen Elias,and a "vase" by the family of Benzakour from Morocco. It was truly Christmas! The pleasure I had of opening these wonderful works of art was so exciting! They are simply beautiful. Such careful packaging, and such timely shipping, I am going to tell all my family and friends about NOVICA! Thank you! --P.S. Maybe I won't tell all my family and friends...not just yet, I'm going back shopping!

Patricia Goodrich

This is a long overdue thank you to Novica and the artists of Bali. I ordered a carved cobra for my niece's Christmas present. I had it sent first to me because I was unsure of the quality. Unforturnately, this caused my niece to miss a great deal of the the pleasure of unwrapping this wonderful carved piece. First was the paper doll on the outside, then the brown paper wrap over bubble wrap and then soft foam which protected the carved fangs and tail. I was so tempeted to keep this piece for myself, but regretfully sent off this wonderful gift and began watching for another for myself. Finally! Another wonderful carved cobra appeared on your web-site! I ordered one for myself----with just a little bit of guilt I must say. Again, I was able to unwrap another wonderful carving a second time. And again, the carving and detail of the cobra skin was exquisite. Thank you to Rendah the artisan, and the Bali crew. I loved the card and personal greetings which included a sketch. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jo Ellen Head

I just received the "Silao" mirror from Mexico that I ordered as an accent piece for a new patio room. I was first impressed with the ease of ordering and then by your regular updates. The mirror was packaged with great care to prevent damage and upon opening the heavy cardboard box, I pulled out a red-wrapped, gold-bowed gift to myself! It made the whole experience even more special. The mirror is even more beautiful than I expected. I am so glad I found your website. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to purchase such a unique piece from such a talented gentleman.

Gaye Besnoy

Last week I received my first work of art from Ghana: a rattle/musical instrument made out of hallowed out gourd. Not only did the precious work of art arrive in less than 5 days (went half way around the world---from West Africa to Kodiak Island, Alaska), but it was carefully packed, plus it was significantly nicer than the computer digital photograph. Novica has got this one Alaskan "hooked" on art from W. Africa. Warm regards from Kodiak bear land,

Marcus Tosello

Just received my Moroccan poufs this morning - they're GREAT! The price was competitive versus many similar products I saw online (and better than most), the service was great and Mr. El Khalifi even included a personal thank you note from his shop in Marrakesh! Believe me - I'll definitely be visiting your site again when it comes to buying items for my home!

Jamie Sparks

Thank you NOVICA! I just received two rugs I ordered from India and they are absolutely beautiful and very well made. The colours were very true to the picture on your site. I am very happy with my purchase and with your service. Both rugs were individually wrapped - like presents - in silky tissue. I was touched by this as well as with a handwritten postcard from the artists. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gabriela Potts

Again I have received wonderful creative and vibrant glass masks from the Lio Brothers in Mexico. This makes 8 and will make a definite statement on a wall all in a row. Each piece was cushioned to make the long trip and wrapped to resemble the Mexican flag but still the delight is in the unwrapping and the joy of the colours. Wonderful, Succulent Color that sends your heart thrills and chills!!! Great Website, Great Company, Great Customer Service!!! I will be back!!! Thank you!

Nykki Wyatt

Thank you so much for offering such beautiful artwork! The painting arrived in perfect condition--inside the sturdy shipping material, the painting was wrapped in blue and gold paper like a gift. Horse-Fish Memory Game by Ricardo Sicurro is whimsical, colorful, brain-candy and just perfect for our little boy's room (or any room)! I also love the fact that I am helping to support this artist from thousands of miles away. Keep up the good work!

Orena Van Benthuysen

There are very few times in life when I feel I have given a gift while receiving one. I purchased an incredibly well crafted Djembe from Ghana, West Africa. The personal relationship I feel I have with the artist who made my drum is worth far more than the price I paid. And knowing that in some small way I may have added to his quality of life through the purchase of his craftwork and appreciating the quality of his craftmanship only adds to the joy of the experience. Thank you.

Wes Hamilton

Oh I am soooo excited!!!! Yesterday I received my first order from Novica. The Bali-Ku 3-piece bedset from Nithi. As soon as I opened the box I could not believe my eyes! It was far far beyond my expectations. What a beautiful piece of artwork, it is simply breath-taking!!!! I am an artist myself and I am extremely picky about my bedroom decor. I want everything unique. This set is absolutely the most beautiful bedset I have ever seen! It's so wonderful that I am willing to share it in a testimonial (smile). The online picture does not even do it justice!!! It was worth the wait and I am now a dedicated NOVICA shopper!!! Thank you, Thank you!

Dawn Fayard

My first purchase from Novica was a 'Radiating' jar by Baan Celedon, as a gift for my mother-in-law. My husband travels extensively all over the world yet he still hasn't quite acquired the knack of buying gifts that match their recipient. My mother-in-law telephoned right after receiving the jar and could only keep repeating "Beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Thank you! Thank you!" So, thank you Novica. Without you, I wouldn't have found Baan Celedon and the perfect gift for my mother-in-law. I can guarantee you, I will be back for more.

Karen Garrett

WOW! I can only give the highest praise to Novica! Unbelievable quality and impeccable service from order to delivery. (I ordered a djembe from Ghana & a gobijen from Bali.) The quality of workmanship and artistry is incredible, as are the instruments' sounds. They are at once astounding instruments and works of art. All of this,not to mention the gratification one feels from purchasing an individually hand-crafted item, rather than a corporately mass-produced one. Bravo to Novica! Thank you for making it possible for individuals to buy from individuals!

Candace Kretchmar

Why did we purchase five magnificent paintings from Novica? The first an abstract by Senor Lopez was a masterpiece, a splash of colors on a huge canvas, then the second, by Iannibelli, magnificent as well-diaphonous waves hurtling across a colorful canvas. Attracted to the surrealist dancing couple by Ricardo Siccuro, we waited with baited breath until it arrived! All I can say is, OHHHHHHHHH! It is majestic. Our friends call that painting "ribbon people." Our cubist piece by Ney Cardoso is multidimensional, it doesn't stand still- one sees profiles, full faces, so many expressions on one canvas, it has a life of its own- unique, colorful and interesting. The last by Senor Bousquet named Aquarium, a group of huge vividly painted fish in a mosaic style, is whimsical and at the same time fills the room with happiness and joy! These shall be cherished through generations as our children and grandchildren love our selections from the most reliable source...Thank you Novica!!! One caveat I must extend to art lovers and buyers...if you see a painting you find interesting and love...don't wait! We lost a couple of treasures!

Lorraine Marks

Wow! Simply splendid service and merchandise. I love all things unusual and hand made, so NOVICA is a great blessing to me. I cannot travel to all of the countries you represent, but thanks to you, I can have a little piece of each in my home. Please tell I Ketut Sarwa "thank you very much" and that I plan to order more of his work. Absolutely wonderfully magnificent!

Karen Bryant

How do you do it? How do you find such talented artists who create such beautiful works? I have been extremely satisfied with everything I have bought from you. Shopping with NOVICA is a great experience; receiving the merchandise is a thrill because I know that it will be even more beautiful in person than it appears on your web site. I just bought my mother a Cerapio Vallejos tapestry from NOVICA for her birthday. She was absolutely ecstatic! Thank you.

Ruth Mauri

Novica gives me such hope for what the Internet can do for this world! I recently received my third purchase from Novica- beautiful handpainted paper mache hearts from the workshop of Syed Hussien in India. I was absolutely thrilled with the detail of each heart and MY heart was warmed by an unexpected surprise- included in the package was a sweetly wrapped tiny carved owl- (an extra 'thank you' gift?) and a handwritten postcard in Hindi and English thanking me for appreciating the artwork! You should have seen the smile on my face!Thank YOU, Syed and Novica for bringing this type of warmth to my home! I am an enthusiastic return customer and am telling ALL about the wonderful existence of Novica.com.

Darlene Charneco

I ordered 3 Varanasi shawls by the artist Sushila (India) as christmas gifts. The package arrived within a week, the shawls were simply gorgeous! Thanks so much, they made lovely gifts. I also loved the postcard from Sushila, and thanks for the free jewelry box as well. This is an amazing service and I hope it continues for a long time. Sincerely, Nandini Gupta Ann Arbor, MI

Nandini Gupta

I am very impressed with your service. I was notified through e-mail when my order was received, when it was on route to the US, when it got to the US, the expected date of arrival and the routing number! I received my order in very excellent condition on the expected date of arrival! I've ordered through several outfits in the past and none of them can compare to your service. Thank you very much. You are now marked marked as my favorite website!

Carolyn Bustria

I received my two wood carvings from Bali today, and I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful they are! Both I Nyomang Karsa and I Wayan Rendah are great artists and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy their work. I also received a nice postcard from Bali with my order and I am very pleased to say that it arrived within 2 weeks of placing the order, although I used standard shipping and not Priority. Thanks again NOVICA, I hope you can share my enthusiasm with the artists and thank them for me. Sincerely, Natalie Youngberg

Natalie Youngberg

I just received my painting of the Madonna in a carved cedar frame which was crafted by Carlos and Patricia Garro. I was a little worried about ordering, sight unseen, even thought the quality of the photos on line was very good. What if I hated it? What if the quality of the art was poor? I need not have worried, I was THRILLED with my painting, it is quite beautiful! It now occupies a place of honor in my house, along with many other works of art that I have been collecting for over 30 years. Many of the artists I have met. Maybe one day I will visit Peru, which is the home of a very dear friend of mine, and if so, maybe I will be fortunate enough to meet the Garro's. In the meantime, I wish them much success and thank them for a lovely addition to my home.

Chris Long

I thank you for your wonderful service. Both for the artists and myself as an avid traveler and collector. Exporing your website is a joy and a way to travel yet again to those regions where I have spent many wonderful weeks as well as areas to which I hope to travel, Meeting the artists is a special privilege . I am currently expecting my third piece of art with great anticipation.

Rebecca Maxwell

We were very pleased with the service in selecting and receiving the rug that we ordered through Novica. But mostly, we are now thrilled with the rug. It's beautiful, and hanging prominently above the fireplace in our living room. It makes us all smile when we see it. Thank you so much. Jan Zlotnick and family

zlotnick jan

I have purchased "Amethyst Rain" bracelet by Oscar Figueroa. It's a very lovely feminine design and is very well done. I like it very much. The bracelet has been mailed with personal touch from artist, who even enclosed a picture of beautiful Guadalajara cathedral with hand written greeting. Since I do not have Mr. Figueroa's address, I want to use this way to thank him for his artistic product and to wish him Peaceful and wonderful Christmas, and happy and prosperuous coming New Year 2002.

Marketa Esaili

First, let me say that I have been following Novica for a long time and I am always excited to see the work of all the fine artists. I am an Artist as well and enjoy supporting other Artists. Recently I received my packages from Novica on time, well even earlier than I expected. Our Christmas tree is now covered in beautiful ornaments done by Syed Izaz Hussein of India. Our guests always stop to admire our tree and I get the chance to tell them about Novica and how to get in touch with all the other Artists. Thank You for the work you do to support and encourage artists from around the world, we need to preserve our artistic cultures and promote peace through Art.

Sharyn Roit

To Subin Tositarak: My wife and I were very pleased when we opened the two items that we ordered: Candy box, and the Lotus Relief coasters and box. They were more beautiful than we imagined they would be. These were then carefully re-wrapped, just the way you sent them, and then given as holiday gifts to my two bosses at work. Both bosses (women) were delighted...I never got so many compliments for gifts. THANK YOU! PS: you had packed them just right so they arrived in perfect condition. Ray Keating.

Raymond Keating

I was happy to receive the "Restful Moment" brass figurines I ordered from Subash Aurora. They are a very beautiful and graceful pair! Thank you! Lori Reeves

Lori Reeves

I have received the silver pendant I ordered, made by I Wayan Sarjana, and it is precious. He had done delicate, perfect work. I wish to thank him for my "Rice Goddess" pendant. Also want to comment on the perfection of the shipping, with the little straw figure on the box, which came through undamaged. Inside the little basket holding the pendant, very nice. Thank you I Wayan Sarjana, and Novica.

Helen B. Tyron

A couple of months ago I bought a painting from Ricardo Siccuro called "Big Cat". I was unsure of buying it as I like to see art "in the flesh" before buying, and as I'm out of the country on business I wouldn't see it for several months. However, I was so drawn to the painting, that I bought it. My financee is in our home and he thought the painting was wonderful, and hung it as the centre piece in our dining room. Several people have seen the painting since and all have called me to inquire as to where I bought it, and who the artist is. Unfortunately, I have not seen the painting myself, but all the feedback I have received reassures me that I was right to go with my instinct. I'm really looking forward to seeing the painting for myself at Christmas.

Fiona Dunphy

Gracias Novica,realmente nunca pense tener unas quenas de tan buena calidad,como la que uds,me vendieron,por supuesto quenas peruanas,la mejor a lo profesional. Gracias una vez mas.

Jorge Quiroz

items 4673 and 3597 arrived today. They are awesome. I bought them as gifts but it will be hard to part with either of them. They are astoundingly beautiful! Fortunately there is plenty of time between now and Christmas for me to enjoy their beauty. THEN we will see if I part with them!

Judith Golding

Dear novica, I was so very impressed with my first order from your company. I had ordered two ceramic crosses from an artist in El Salvador. They were both so beautiful and the manner in which they were delivered made me feel very special. Wrapped in brown kraft paper with ribbons and flowers was so impressive. I rewrapped one of the crosses in the same paper and bow and gave it to a girl friend for her birthday.....thats how lovely it was. Thank you so much Novica for your excellent service and beautiful, loving presentation. I look over and over for more crosses to order.

Linnie Blankenbecler

Dear Novica, My thanks to Phawinee Saithong from Thailand for my two wood mango vases. They are standing on either side of the hearth of my living room fireplace. What a wonderful frame for fires this winter. This is my second purchase from Novica and I am so pleased with the craftsmenship of these artists that I plan to do my Christmas shopping from your artists around the world. I cannot seem to find the varieties of choices in any store here- nothing that compares to your selections. Thanks to P. Saithong for my vases.

J. Gornel

I am just so thrilled with the garnet and silver link bracelet I received from you today that I had to tell someone. Perhaps you can convey to the artist in Bali, I Nyoman Suarjana, my great delight in his handiwork. I went back to the site to order another for my sister, but, alas, no more were to be had. Please urge Mr. Suarjana to step up production of this item. The garnets in this bracelet are crystal clear, full of fire and breathtaking in color. But the artist's intricate, delicate settings that form the links truly set the piece apart. Your customers will love the miniature basket the bracelet comes in. The Balinese surely know how to do things right!

A. Westbrook Fowler

I love my new Rhombus Array Zapotec rugs by the Ruiz Bazan family. They are exactly as shown on the site-- superior work, interesting, and authentic. I also was impressed by the service.

Bonnie Papke

Just yesterday I received my order and was so surprised when I took it out of the box and found that it was more beautiful than in the picture. It is a gorgeously hand crafted spice box from Thailand that I will cherish for years to come. With such reasonable prices on such wonderful products, how could I not suggest Novica to all of my friends!

Kristin Krerowicz

I received my order of a Peruvian mirror promptly and perfectly wrapped in a nice box. When my husband opened it (it was his surprise gift from me), I was surprised(also relieved to see it was not broken into pieces) to see how carefully the gift had been packed. It was cushioned and well wrapped in a tight box and then it was wrapped with tissue with a nice little straw bow tie! We were also happy to find the nice key chain shaped like a flute with the words Peru written on it. To top it all, the mirror was as beautiful as the picture on the NOVICA site. I really appreciate this site for being so competitive and affordable for buyers like me. Thank you for bringing the world to our homes.

Lakshmi Singanallur

I recently received my first piece of art, a Sese wood carved statuette by Sarpong Aikins. It was described online as being 38 inches high. When i received my parcel, the box it came in must have been 5 feet high and 18 inches wide. Its tough to put into words the excitement of opening your first Novica package, specially when it comes wrapped so caringly and securely. It took me a full 5 minutes just to open and unwrap it! This of course only added to the anticipation. Nevertheless, the final unwrapping proved breathtaking. I think i spent a full hour viewing, touching and pacing around my statuette, astonished at its beauty, the craftsmanship of Mr Aikins, and the sheer joy of feeling like i now own a valuable piece of art. I ordered four more pieces that same evening and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Thank you Novica for enabling me to experience the art and culture of a foreign land i may never have the oppurtunity to visit, but most of all thank you Sarpong Aikins for your awesome statuette.

Shaun McCarthy

This is the third or forth time I ordered from your site -- every time is a joy. The items I receive are made with such high quality and always packed with care. The last item I received -- a Blue Dragon Kite from Bali/Java had a little hand made woven doll attached to the outside of the box. I had it delivered to my apartment office and the women there was hoping I would show her what was inside the box. I showed her and shared the address -- I'm sure you'll be seeing them visit and order. My pillow I ordered from Africa came with a personal letter and postcard from the artist and the blue glass urn I bought from Mexico came unbroken, amazing for something so delicate! I am impressed with the service and prices I receive. Keep up the good work -- I'll definitely keep coming back.

Sue Gleason

I just received my set of cobalt tumblers from Efren Canteras and they are stunningly beautiful... I am so pleased with my purchase and my experience that I have just ordered the salad set and cannot wait for its arrival! Thank you to Novica for making such connections possible and many praises to Efren Canteras for his talent and skill...

Debra Matthews

I ordered a wool and cotton tapestry by Cerapio Vallejo and I absolutely love it! The colors are vibrant, the design is original and interesting, the quality is superb, and it will look beautiful hanging above my fireplace. I cannot wait to hang it! Mr. Vallejo is a talented artist and I would most definitely purchase more of his works.

Laura Walters

I have had the humbling experience of viewing the work of Ivan Rodriguez at the Casa de Tango in Habana Vieja, Cuba in Feb 2000.On this occasion I bought a piece of work.I returned from Cuba enthused for this wonderful country and noble people.The memory of gentle Ivan describing his style of work stayed burning until I returned in July 2001. My joy to return to the Casa de la Tango and again view this man's work. To be greeted by his wonderful wife Anily was joyous and evoked emotion beyond belief. His new work enchanted me just as in Feb 2000. I returned home again with new work and the same desire to return.........

clare kimber

I have ordered half a dozen items over the past 6 months from Novica. Every piece I have received has been first rate. The artists do amazing work and everything I have ordered was wrapped up beautifully.

Will Miller

I wish to express my profound pleasure and satisfaction in receiving my 'Nsroma mask in sese wood and aluminum, from Ghana. The artist was Daniel Nyadedzor. Exquisite work, tastefully done. Well done Novica for bringing these artists to the forefront.

Michael Warner

This is my second time ordering from Novica.com and all I can say is, "Wonderful Job"! Beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind product offerings, thorough tracking of my shipment with customer notification, as well as meticulous detail to the packing of my product ordered, makes for a delightful experience! I will be visiting your website often! Thank you!

Marie Corns

Yesterday I received the two wall hangings I had ordered from India by the artist Ruma Sikka. I was so impressed by the photos of her work that I decided to buy two of the three offerings on the NOVICA site. When I received the package, every part of opening it was like unwrapping a personalized gift, from the enclosed postcard to the tissue wrapped items themselves. The artistry and handwork of each wallhanging is breathtaking. I almost could not believe that I had actually purchased such beautiful works of art! I know that as I display them, there will be joy every time I look at them and discover a new detail in the beadwork. Thanks so much and my best wishes to Ruma Sikka for bringing her visions to others!

Terri Light

Well, wow! I just received my djembe drum from Africa and couldn't be more happy. The sound is amazing and I can't put it down. I have looked for drums similar to this in the states and have come up with drums $200-$300 more. The shipping was fast and easy to follow online too. I was able to follow it as it traveled across the world. Thank you to all the artists that contribute to this company. I will send friends and be back to buy later.

David Beach

I was searching around for something, which exudes my personality. Having never previously purchased any art, I was not sure what to expect. I must say my first purchase of an acrylic painting by a Brazilian artist was great. When it arrived-it was me. I had been to a few art fairs in Michigan, but anything comparable to the power of this painting was far out of my affordability range. I am already searching for my next piece, that's if I don't make a trip to Brazil first!

Bradley Vieau

I want to thank Novica for its wonderful artisans. I just received the two glass masks made by the Lio Brothers of Mexico and they are magnificent. I look forward to more purchases from many artists associated with Novica in the future. I received my package so carefully wrapped and double-wrapped to protect and to delight the eye and I was truly thrilled. May your future be bright and long!!!

Nykki Wyatt

I just received the "Samphankang Vase" from Thailand. It is just wonderful. I've bought other beautiful and unique items from Novica before, and every time I receive my ordered items, I get more and more impressed. The presentation, the quality of products, the efficiency of delivering on time, everything is just great about Novica! Keep up the fantastic job and Thank you for giving us the opportunity of getting awesome products from all over the world!

Anika Mohammed

I bought a mask from Lombok Carvers, and a 'Green Lubeng' wall hanging by Ni Luh Suryati, as presents for relatives, and both are just wonderful. I was also impressed with Novica's email tracking of my order, and by how quickly it arrived. This is a fine site and I will certainly be back. Thanks to all!

Susan Policoff

We purchased the "Hummingbird" rug made by Mr.Cerapio Vallejo. I had looked for a rug like this for years and just couldn't believe it when I saw it on Novica. We have had the rug for two yrs. now, hanging in our living room and have received many compliments on it. Mostly I would like you to get word to Mr. Vallejo and tell him how happy we are with his rug and how much we admire the quality of his work and his creativity of design. Thank you!

Rita and Rich Igoe

I just received my bracelet from Thailand. It is exquisite. I just wanted to give my thanks to both the artist, Ploy, who made such a beautiful piece of jewelry and Novica, for providing an execellent means of bringing it to me.

Rebecca Davis

I just received my first purchase from Novica, a gorgeous acrylic on canvas painting, "Imagination" by Manoarino from Brazil. Your service couldn't be better, from placing the order, to your confirmation, and the ability to track my painting from Brazil to the United States. Thank you! I will be a return customer.

Janet Saunders

I purchased a beautiful piece of art last year by Kola Ogunsunlade "Women going to Market" I get many compliments on the creativeness of the artist. I always tell my friends and family about Novica. I am interested in purchasing Kuba cloth I will keep watching for it. Thanks,

Jerry McGlothen

I just absolutely love this site! I have always been interested in other countries, and through this site I am finally able to buy their products, too. Thank you very much for making this site.

Tanja Aho

I've just received my beautiful painting from Peru today and just love it. The service provided by Novica was outstanding and the painting arrived in perfect shape. It was wrapped like a Christmas present and it felt like it when I was unwrapping it. Congratulations for the beautiful and easy to navigate website! This has been a great experience!

Nadja Marcoz

I enjoyed shopping on your site, and my wife loves the Brazilian sculpture that I purchased for her (as do I). Thanks!

David Handelsman

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. The masks that I ordered were perfect. They add so much atmosphere to my living room. The workmanship is superb. I plan on making many more purchases through your service. The cards that came with each one of my masks was a special touch that made me feel like the artist made the mask specifically for me. Thanks again.

Jozett Capshaw

What a beautiful Lapis bracelet!! It's even more beautiful than the picture. I love the emails that track the product from when it leaves the country of origin to when it arrives in the US and can be traced by UPS. What a great feature!! I will DEFINITELY be ordering more jewelry from your wonderful artists!!

Elizabeth Sadler

Tras una corta espera, hemos recibido el collar de lapislazuli de Chalermkwan Veeraslip en perfectas condiciones. La joya cumple todas nuestras expectativas e ilusiones. Gracias NOVICA por darnos este excelente servicio.

Ignacio Busto

I love this site! When we first made a purchase it was under the umbrella of suspician because HOW could this site be for real. (This was 2 years ago). But NOVICA is for real! I love to browse around to see whats new in the Novica world. Making a few purchases as well. The only problem is when someone beats me to the punch in buying something I wanted. Oh well! Keep up the great work!

John Strickland

The Necklace, "Brass Sun" by Lindsey Graham was all that you described and more. The beads look and feel like West Africa. This is a piece that I will wear with pride and wonder. Thanks Lindsey and all of your artisans.

Mary Hanna

The wall hanging from India was superb and the delivery information/updates very professionally done and greatly appreciated. This site is recommended to everyone!

Nancy McKenzie

Only a month ago I discovered Novica.com. I placed two orders that same day. A Giraffe vase from Zimbabwe and 'Out of the Trunk' a ceramic tea service by Baan Celadon. I can not express how pleased I have been with both purchases. They were both more beautiful than I thought they would be. They were wrapped with such care it was as if a friend had sent me a present. I will definitely be back for more, I only wish the Giraffe Tea set were still available!! Thank you so much for providing what you promise. So few web sites live up to expectations. Very Sincerely, Nancy Putman

Nancy Putman

I just received my second purchase from Novica.com and I am so thrilled! I can not WAIT to give this mirror/piece of art to my husband. It came quickly and packaged with extreme care and artistry (I love the little decorations and postcards that have come with both purchases) and was bigger and more beautiful than the view on the web. I tell all my friends about this site, how affordable these unique items are, how opportunity knocks for both purchaser and artisan when buying from these distant lands we may never visit. Another example of the power of the internet, and a rare (in my experience) care for the goods and the customer. I'll be BACK!

Lorrie Mengel

My first order from Novica was a beautiful leather handbag made by Ni Made Lembir from Bali/Java. And what a treat it was! From the various e-mails that built up the excitement, to unwrapping this wonderful surprise, there was a quaint package decoration of a traditional Bali woman and a postcard with a Balinese/English greeting. But the bag, oh what a bag! I hope that Ni Made Lembir realizes how wonderfully talented she is. She should be proud of her leather work, I sure am! I hope to see more of her work available from Novica, so I and others can enjoy using them. Thank you for finding such a talented artist.

Melanie Woods

I was depressed today becuase I had to return to work after having 10 wonderful days off for vacation - what a nice surprise to find a package from Mexico waiting for me. I just received the "Tiled Flowers" vase by Enrique Castro and can't say enough to express how beautiful I think not only the vase is, but the talent and creative thinking that went behind making it so special. Thank you Enrigue, I'll be sure to indulge in your talents again!

Barbara D'Angelo

I can't tell you how amazing it felt to unroll the painting from Cuba. As the son of Cuban immigrants I have not been able to experience the culture of my people first hand. This painting has allowed me a glimpse of the rich heritage I have only been able to experience second hand through stories and photographs. Please let Ms Rodriguez know how pleased and proud I am of my purchase.

Robert Iglesias

When I first found this site, I new I had found something special. What impressed me most was the Bio's on the artists, which gives a personalized experience. I ordered two djembe's from West Africa. To me, they are special. They are not just 'drums'. It pleases me to know some of their history. I can say exactly who made them... On top of that, I wasnt expecting my order for another 2 weeks! I would like to thank the artists first of all: African Bez-Alel, and Joseph Aboagye, and also Novica for being here.

Jeffrey Sexton

I received my leather and cedar chest, made by Abel Rios in Peru. It is very very beautiful. The service and time-frame was excellent, just as the other testimonials say. I also ordered a carved dragon from Bali, and it too came in good time. I wanted to take it out to look at it, because it's a father's day gift. However, it's wrapped so well, so completely and so carefully, that I decided to leave it in the original packaging for safety's sake! I recommend your site and beautiful items to everyone.

Cindy Figueiredo

Greetings, I recently purchased a silver necklace from Bali. WOW!! I was completely impressed by the quality of the piece as well as the fashon in which it was shipped. Thank you very much for the opprotunity to purchase such exquisite art at such an excellent price!

Luke Wilhelm

OK, so you've convinced me. I admit I was a bit skeptical after reading all the testimonials; nothing can be that good. I was wrong. My hand-painted ceramic decorative plate just arrived from El Salvador on schedule, beautifully wrapped, and absolutely lovely. I couldn't be more pleased and have already referred this remarkable web site to others. Thanks for providing a terrific experience that I am eager to repeat.

Zoe Watson

On a cold rainy New England afternoon UPS delivered a package from Bali that changed the day. As I opened the package containing a wood statuette by I Nyoman Karsa I knew I was touching paper & wood that was not from my world but some other place. When a finally got to my "prize" I was completly satisfied. The remainder of the grey day was taken with finding the right place in my home for my new treasure. Thank you for making the piece affordable to me.

Henry Zbyszynski

I am so pleased and delighted with your service and the personal touch of a hand written thank you card from Brazil. I bought a wonderful painting from Pablo Matania and it came beautifully protected and was everything that I had hoped it would be...and more. I intend to shop again very soon because this was a great experience. I also intend to let all of my friends know about your wonderful web-site. Congratulations.

Lisa Souza

The Ananta Bhoga from Bali arrived today. It was perfectly packed for shipping, arrived exactly when I was told it would arrive, and looks exactly like the photograph on the site. I am overcome with how beautiful it is. The artist has made it seem almost alive. It immediately takes pride of place among my small collection. I can wholeheartedly recommend this artist and Novica.

Barbara Rockefeller

It felt like Christmas in May! First, the packaging was exceptional ensuring my purchase would arrive undamaged. Then to discover my vase covered in white wrapping with a big red bow. The vase has left me speechless. It truly is a great work of art! It exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Marco Antonio, for this wonderful copper vase that I shall treasure always.

Ida Holmes

I received my 2 handcarved relief panels from Lombok today. They are beautiful! And they came through the long trip in wonderful condition. THANKS to NOVICA, but my biggest THANK YOU goes to the artisans who carved the relief panels!!!

PK Barniskis

I discovered your site through a promotional tile at Salon.com -- I don't even know what about the tile made me click through, because I usually don't do that! Within four pages of surfing on your site, I was convinced that I would buy something -- it was just a matter of looking around to find the right thing. Sure enough, I discovered the hand-carved leather shadow puppets from Bali, and decided they'd make a terrific surprise gift for my boyfriend. I can't say enough about how good my experience was. The prices were incredibly reasonable. The site is easy to use and offers a thorough presentation of each product. My favorite thing is the picture of and comments from the actual artist that accompanies each product page. My puppets arrived within three weeks, carefully packaged with a thoughtful hand-written postcard from Bali and a small woven finger puppet on the outside of the box. Perfect from beginning to end! And my boyfriend loves the shadow puppets, of course! Thanks!

Becky Waller

This is by far the most detailed website I've ever discovered. Normally, I would be hesitant to buy anything other than tickets, books, or CDs over the net, but Novica has made me a believer and I am going crazy and poor buying up all their stuff. My family and friends, to whom I have sent gifts to, absolutely love it. Your products are truly special, unique, and exciting. Keep up the good work. From a 100% satisfied customer.

John Kim Po

Excellent! I received my Desert Star leather pouf today. It's even better than the photo. I love the way Novica wraps the items like a present and I especially love the personal note from the artist. We had a friend translate it for us. Thank you so much for providing such wonderful products and excellent customer service! My shopping experience was delightful from beginning to end.

Ginny Brewton

I ordered a bracelet and necklace set (silver set with garnets) from an artisan in India. My jewelry arrived yesterday, the jewelry itself wrapped in deep purple paper with gold and black ribbon tied around it. In addition, was a postcard from the silversmith and a little handcarved keychain. Everything was wonderful! I had been concerned about ordering jewelry with multiple garnets from a website due to the fact that garnets can be many different colours. I was worried that they may not match. However, the garnets in the bracelet and the necklace are all perfectly matched. It's gorgeous! The shipping experience was also unique. Despite the fact that it took weeks to get my order (and the web told me it would when I placed the order), Novica was great in letting me know what the status of my order was each step of the way, from the point that it left India to when it entered the US and then a tracking number once they had it. I had it on the very day I was told I would when I placed my order. This was my first order. It will not be my last. Wow.

Susan Simko

I visited Brazil several years ago and came across an excellent painter, William Lima. You can imagine my surprise to find his works available via Novica. I have ordered 4 paintings since. All have arrived immediately and in perfect condition. I can testify that all the prices are more than reasonable. For artwork, this is by far the best available site offering quality, service and good prices.

Susana Perez

Today I received the two masks I purchased by Daniel Nyadedzor. I was absolutely overwhelmed by their beauty. I am very proud to display them in my home as they provide a tangible link to my heritage. The Mbofrabrim mask is a reminder of the slavery my people had to overcome when they were stolen from Africa to be enslaved in the US. The Oboafro Akuaba mask provides yet another connection to my sisters in Africa I am so glad I decided to visit your website. It has connected me to a treasure trove of expression that truly touches my soul. Thank you, Denise Harvey, Oakland, CA USA

Denise Harvey

For my birthday I decided to treat myself and settled on artist I Ketut Sarwa's "Cong" mask from Bali. I was shocked when it arrived, freshly carved and painted with a hinged jaw that provides an amazing effect that is not given justice in the photos on the website. Also in the box, a postcard from Bali with an ink pen drawing from the artist that floored me and now hangs over my desk. For the price that I paid, I feel that I have received an amazing deal and will be back for gifts for myself and friends. P.S. Thank you Mr. Sarwa!

Daniel Garcia

I just received my mango wood bowl from Thailand made by S. Pondechudomkhun. It is a masterpiece of work and well worth the wait. I knew Novica cared as it was unwrapped. I found Novica by chance on the web and it is now on my favorite list of places to shop. I share Novica with anyone that will listen to how they are helping the local artist in FAR AWAY PLACES that I won't see. Thanks Novica, and thanks to all the artists as well.

Douglas Harter

I cannot stay away from your website. It is always expanding to include more artists and artisans. Our home is furnished and decorated with the unique and beautiful works of art made possible by Novica. Each time I reflect upon what I was so fortunate to obtain at such a great price, I also am reassured that my purchase enables the talented person who performed a labor of love to continue their artistry. Novica is one of a kind. I would also like to compliment those responsible for your ever improving website.

Charles Jones

I ordered a lovely bamboo-rattan container for my mother (and a fan and parasol set for myself) on the last week of March to ensure that the gift would arrive for her birthday on May 3rd. Imagine my delight when the package arrived direct from Thailand on April 5th, only eight days after I placed the order! It must be tricky to mail bamboo halfway around the world, but everything arrived in gorgeous shape. Once I opened the box, I was dazzled by the artistry displayed by Intharakaset in his breath-taking container, and by Kannika Buajeen in her stunningly intricate fan and parasol set. Well done, Novica. I will beg the staff of my favourite Thai restaurant to help me write a thank you note, but in case they refuse, please forward my deep appreciation to both artists. I will watch their work closely in the future, and I will definitely order from Novica again.

Heather Harkins

I have purchased 6 tapestries from the Andes (Ayacucho). The colors, patterns and workmanship surpassed my expectations! I have them in my office and at home where they are admired by many. My only regret is that I don't have more wall space for more!

Theresa Gadbois

Just received my backpak and I LOVE IT. It amazing me that Native art from so many countries can have so many similarities. Coming from a Native American backround put your web site in my heart. The Meliton family created a real piece of art and I will treasure it and use it for a lnog time. Please tell them thank you from me.

Lyn White

I am so impressed with the items I received. They are so special and unique, not to mention very beautiful and useful. I absolutely love this site and its mission and have been telling everyone about it. Thank you for being there and I will be coming back often!

Robyn Capella

I just wanted to say Thank You for the superior packaging and timely delivery of my first purchase through Novica. I ordered a beautiful hand carved window mirror made by Dewa Ketut Agung in Bali. I absolutely love it and can't wait to hang it in my new home! I plan to buy again in the near future.

Suzanna Sitton

I am SO impressed with NOVICA! The items I ordered not only made it to me from Peru in 10 days, they were exactly as pictured on the website, true to color and of incredible workmanship. This site puts all other internet shopping sites to shame. We look forward to furnishing our new home with items from around the world, thanks to your taste and professionalism. Bravo!

KJ Corbit

I have just received, not only my first item purchased from NOVICA but also my first purchase via the internet. It was not without some trepedation that I made the decision to make this first purchase, given that it was also coming from the other side of the world (Thailand). I would just like to say thank you for making the world an exceptionally small place for me...not only was the item (a Thai sandstone sculpture) exactly as it appeared on your site but it arrived fully intact and well before the expected delivery date. I am exceedingly pleased with the item and be assured that it is not to be my last visit to your bazaars... Cheers...

Rick Weldon

I received my two masks by Feriberto Aylas last week and I love them! They came extremely well-packaged and in perfect condition. They now hang on my wall at work! I've ordered several more things from Novica since then, including a gift for a new baby. I can't wait to see them! The order tracking is great, so I know about how long it will be until I receive them! Thanks!

Alexandra Gruber

I want to thank you for your beautiful Novica site. Not only are you giving artists in remote parts of the world the ability to show their beautiful craft but you are exposing art lovers from all over the world to share in it. I have just bought a painting from a Peruvian artist and i hope that in the future I will keep buying other items. I have to thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing.

Dov Eckstein

I recently ordered and received two items from you, a beautiful decorative plate from Brazil and a wonderful candle with wrought iron holder from El Salvador. Not only am I thrilled with the items themselves (they are much more beautiful, better made, and pleasing than I expected), but the obvious care with which they were packed and shipped was most impressive, as were the personal notes that accompanied the items. Thank you for this wonderful site.

Clyde FT Small

I just recieved my beautiful jewelry by Ricardo Diaz -- Necklace and earrings, "Leaves". There is so much more detail, from the filigree embellishments of one leave, to the lifelike beauty of the next, to the perfect matching of the large green turquoise stones, to the sturdy, simple and secure clasp, that cannot possibly be presented accurately in a photograph. It arrived packaged in a nice little display box, wrapped in red tissue with a straw bow and a little green silk rose -- and, wrapped separately in it's own tiny package, an added little gift -- a key chain from which dangles a little brass flute! I will be wearing these proudly for a long time. Thank you!

Ellen Gold

I ordered a Djembe drum from West Africa - Ghana and was delighted in it's sound quality and beautiful carving. I've been looking for a drum like this for ages and I've never found any as beautiful as this. I was so excited by the drum that I ordered another one from Bali-Java and am looking at more from West Africa. I can't thank you enough for offering these kinds of goods to serious collectors and musicians. Keep up the wonderful work!

Juliana Blewett

This is my first shopping experience with Novica and I am so pleased! Initially, I was a little nervous about ordering ceramic items from so far away as Thailand. Breakage was a concern. When they arrived, I was astounded at the careful packaging of each piece and the colorful cording was a delightful touch. My only regret is that since this was done through the internet, I did not have the opportunity to meet the artist in person. Of course, without the internet and Novica, it is unlikely that I would be able to shop in Thailand in the first place. Please convey to Poonpon Dechakaisaya that I admire her beautiful work very much and am honored to have acquired these pieces. I ordered the 'Phu Soi Dao' cups and saucers. I think she must have imparted something magical to them as my tea has never tasted so delicious!

Ingrid Fully

I've received things from Thailand and Mexico and was touched with the care that was taken to wrap and protect the items. It was also fun to get a little note written by the artist in their native language. I tell all my beauty loving friends about Novica and I hope to be a regular collector. What a great idea and what a boon to artisans around the world!!

Elizabeth Franco

All around great experience. My margarita glasses from Mexico arrived yesterday. The glasses were beautifully packaged and the box contained a postcard from Tequila, Mexico. I really appreciated the e-mail updates regarding the delivery (and location) of my package.

Jennifer Kemp

I bought the 'She-Dragon' bracelet from Thiva Boonnak, Artist in Thailand. It is the most beautiful and original piece I have ever owned, and I collect bracelets. The NOVICA service is much faster than they estimate. The bracelet was here in two weeks, not the 4 weeks estimated, and it was even more beautiful than I could imagine from the picture. Please thank Thiva Boonnak for her skill and your service for bringing her beautiful work to the rest of the world!

Mary Shahan

In 1995 I went to Zimbabwe for a semester abroad in college. I had a wonderful time and brought back great gifts for all of my family and friends. My favorites were these placemats that I bought my parents and sister. However, I always regreted not getting placemats for myself from this little shop outside of Harare. (As a senior in college, placemats were not something I often thought about!) So, five years later I am looking on novica.com and see "Zimbabwe:Coming Soon". I was so excited to see what things you were going to offer and much to my delight you had the placemats made by the same people that I had given to my parents. So, I am the proud owner of 8 placemats that I always regreted not buying for myself when I was there. Thanks!

Lindsey Herbert

Have just received the two mirrors created by Dewa Ketut Agung, and simply love them. I will keep looking for more work by this artisan.

Georgina Anglade

Excellent! I just received my first Novica purchase; a beautiful Betal Box from Thailand made by Wanpen Phota. I am so very pleased with it, as I knew I would be. I want to spread the word about Novica - tell everyone I know what beautiful, unique, artistic creations are available from all over the world. Everything went so smoothly; ordering, shipping, delivery, and finally, a package wonderfully wrapped I just couldn't wait to rip open. Now, my biggest problem is how to stop shopping! I've already placed my second order and can hardly wait for its arrival. Thanks Novica, you have a lifelong customer in me!

Teri Antoni

Re Dona Marie Jesus's embroidered work from Brazil: The work is so delicate and precious...I love it! Most any woman would love her work...it's so pretty. Thank you for your talent!

Kathleen Wyszacki

Thank you Efren Cantera's for the beautiful glasses. They are so beautiful I had a hard time using them at first. I love them--they are sturdy, functional and interesting. What fabulous work!

Kathleen Wyszacki

I ordered a sculpture from Bali recently and I must confess, I had as much fun unwrapping the package as I did shopping for it. There was a whimsical, woven character on the outside of the box, a personalized postcard with phrases from Indonesia - even the twine used for the packing was "foreign". I had ordered the gift for someone special on Valentines Day and I didn't even wrap it because the box was so unusual; I wanted him to get the entire effect! The carving itself was beautiful and larger than I had envisioned. Your customer service department kept me informed of the status of my order, and even sent an email with the tracking number before I could ask. What a wonderful marriage of e-commerce and hand-crafted art. Keep up the great work!

Danlyn Marvin

Beautiful.....what better way to describe the cedar and leather chest by Rios. The craftmanship is outstanding. Was what I ordered what I expected? No....It was way beyond my expectations. I am so pleased with the shipment from Andes/Peru that was purchased from Novica.com. My compliments to you Novica.com for providing such wonderful talented art products from talented artists from around the world. I thank you for your first email for letting me know that my order was successful and I was impressed when you sent me an email letting me know my item had been shipped and how you provided me with a tracking number so that I could see where my product was. NOVICA.com is impressive as well as your featured artists. After viewing my cedar and leather chest created by Rios, I would highly recommend your site to anyone and everyone. Thank You,

Debbie Sharp

I was introduced to NOVICA by my sister. I was so impressed with the quality, price and service experience she had that I went on to order for myself. I used NOVICA to send unique Christmas gifts. Every purchase I have made has been even better than I'd anticipated! I am pleased to spread the word about NOVICA and the great job you do. Keep up the good work.

Stephanie Richards

Oh my God! I had been waiting for my beautiful chess set "Garland" from Bali by Ketut Sandi...it paid off. The set is even more gorgeous than in pictures! I used to play chess professionally and have always dreamed to get a SPECIAL set... something unusual, hand-made. I have seen some in stores, but they are way costly (over $500) and not even close to the beauty I have received! I will be definitely getting more of these sets! What a wonderful gift for a chess lover! What a wonderful master who makes these sets! What a wonderful site! Thanks!

Elena Potoupa

Just received my dragon and garuda carvings from Bali and all I can say is WOW! the detail and obvious caring that went into these works of art is stunning. They were packaged so well it took me about 10 minutes just to open the box and finally get to each one. They come wrapped in brown paper with a nice handmade paper doll attached to the outside of the box and on the inside are wrapped in multiple layers of foam surrounded by bubble wrap. You could have dropped this off a 4 story building and had it arrive here unscathed. Kudos to the Subrata clan, they are magnificent artisans. Kudos to NOVICA for offering these artisans a worldwide market, they truly deserve your attention.

Dan Woods

My djembe by Ernestina Oppong arrived two days ago. It's wonderful. Although I'm relatively new to drumming, five friends with a lot of experience are VERY impressed. One fellow with 40+ years in the field as well as a Grammy for his drumming says it's the nicest djembe he's ever played! I'm really moved to work hard at becoming proficient enough to deserve such a fine instrument. The shipping was incredible too. Packing was very well done. My husband paid for normal. It came in seven days! What a deal! I do have a question. The goat hair on the head irritates my hand. What is the best way to remove it? I used a very fine sandpaper which removed enough that I can play it comfortably. However, if I stroke it against the grain it comes back. I certainly don't want to damage it. Thanks. Hope

Hope Kopf

I just found your site and it is just what I've been looking for! I lived for awhile as a child in Mexico and i still miss it. I love good quality handcrafted Mexican items and they are hard to find. I see so much that is poorly done. I am very excited to see that you have black pottery from Coyotepec and it is done by the family of Dona Rosa. When I was 16 I was in Oaxaca and we made a side trip to her pottery. I watched Dona Rosa at work in the courtyard with chickens wandering around. I got a slide of her at work. I didnt have a lot to spend but i bought a mermaid whistle and a small pot-bellied vase, both signed by Dona Rosa. I wish I could have bought more and bigger. A few years ago at our local museum I was looking around and in one room was a HUGE vase just like mine. I commented to my husband that it looked like Oaxacan black earth pottery. Then, as I read the sign next to the vase I found out it was a piece done by Dona Rosa. Its quite a thrill to find out you have work done by someone whose work is in a museum. So, i find that I'm just as excited to find out that NOVICA has black earth pottery made by Dona Rosa's family. I cant wait to see what else I will find on your site. As a crafter who does lampwork and beadwork, I believe you don't really appreciate the work involved in handcrafted items unless you have been creative yourself. Thank you for this wonderful site.

susan farley

Of all the shopping I do online NOVICA is the only one of two sites I talk about the other being Gevalia, one is food and NOVICA,is for everthing else,clothing, household, gifts,and just all kinds of do-dads. The cloak that I got from the Andes, is the most beautiful thing I have ever worn and people just can't get over how beautiful it is, everybody wants to know where I got it and of course Its NOVICA - NOVICA.com

Diana Campbell

I just received today the set of 3 tapestries by the Vallejos family that I ordered. How wonderful they are! The quality and craftmanship is superb. I can't wait to get them hung on my wall. They will have a place of prominence and everyone will be told where they are from. I also purchased a wood carving by I Wayan Rendah of Bali a couple months ago and have the same praise for it. I am impressed also with the care taken with packaging and the little touches that are added (i.e. decorative accents). My tapestries had a bonus included, a bottle opener with an Incan style "mask". What a pleasant surprise! I will definitely be ordering thru Novica in the future and have and will continue to spread the word. I love knowing that the items are authentically coming directly from the artists themselves. Keep up the good work!

Michele Wesselman

Dear friends, I am impressed, your site make me to believe that still there are good people in the earth! I hope you will have all the strenght, that is necessary to continue on your hard to achieve victories. Any artist whom you add to ((OUR WEB SITE))NOVICA is like a flag in the United Nations, so I hope to increases the number of flags. I was a child when I saw the National Geographic isssue for the first time in my life, and it started a feeling inside of me which says:The world is not that much BIG, & also it is more interesting than we talk about it in our ordinary life. As an art lover I want to have a little share in this part of the world, I live in Armenia, and please let me know if there is anything I should do to help your site become more interesting.

Vazrik Abramian

I saw your banner ad at NYtimes.com, great site and a very original one. I was also fascinated by the life story of Armenia Nercessian de Oliveira, the founder of Novica.

Vahe Kandaharian


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