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We wish to thank each and every one of you for your support, testimonials, and motivation! Novica began with a dream - to build a totally new and better way for talented artists and artisans in developing nations to sell their beautiful creations to customers all over the world. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that so many artists would benefit so quickly, and in so many ways.

With your help, we can continue growing exponentially, improving many more lives each day.

Customers from all walks of life regularly ask us, "How can I help?" Wow. That's always seemed an overwhelming question. But we've thought about it, and decided it is indeed high time to put our biggest wishes out there! So here goes...the top 10 ways to help change the world through Novica!

  1. Talk, talk, talk: Tell your family, friends, and coworkers about Novica. Forward Novica Journal emails to your friends, too - an easy way to entice them to actually click through. Spreading the word is worth more than anything else we could dream of. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Sprinkle links: Add Novica links to your website - anywhere and everywhere! All links raise Novica's ranking in search engines. As a result, we appear higher and higher up in relevant search results - directing many more potential customers to Novica. Simply adding a Novica link in a corner or footer of your website is so helpful!
  3. Gifts!   Remember Novica when holidays, birthdays, and flights of fancy approach! We tremendously enjoy helping you find the most beautiful gifts, décor, apparel, jewelry, and original paintings in the world! When it's time to shop, please shop with us!
  4. Affiliate, affiliate: Registered Novica affiliates do worlds of good - and even benefit monetarily in return. You will receive a percentage of all the sales you direct our way (along with great good will!). Click here for simple directions:
  5. Workplace gifts: Does your company give gifts to clients or employees? Be sure to connect the gift buyer with our Business Gift Specialist! Gift buyers are thrilled to discover Novica's diversity of high quality, unique, dependable gifts. They will appreciate your recommendation - and so will we!   Here is a link to our Corporate Gifts page:
  6. Office décor: Have you noticed a conference, meeting, or break room ready for a lovely makeover? What about your own office? Novica décor will spread warmth, style, and a comfortable atmosphere throughout the rooms where you spend most of your days - hard at work! Please recommend us to the person in charge of beautifying your work environment!
  7. Oprah works magic!   If you know Oprah, please give her a call! We'd love to be on her show. Boy, would that rock our world. (Whew, we've finally thrown that dream out into the universe too - if 'visualizing is realizing,' we'll be on soon!). Novica has greatly benefited so many individuals in so many inspiring ways; we are bursting at the seams with inspirational stories.
  8. Submit testimonials!   Artists and artisans read them and love them, and new customers often browse the testimonials before making a purchase. Your words are also greatly appreciated by everyone at Novica's offices around the world. We read each and every one! Log into MyNovica to submit your testimonial today:
  9. Talk of the town: Every media connection is tremendously helpful. Your personal recommendation is the most powerful way to attract the media's notice. Especially consider contacting writers, columnists, and editors who specialize in such areas as business, Internet, features, home and garden, and style, as well as gift guide and new product editors. Do remember to let us know how we can follow up with your media friends after you have told them about us! Please feel free to put them in touch with Jasmine Amatong (jamatong@novica.com) our media coordinator.
  10. Blog about us!   And if you include Novica links in your blog, this will also significantly raise our search engine rankings, introducing more and more new people to Novica.

Every single purchase positively impacts someone's life!

Thank you!



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