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Asunta Pelaez

"My designs are inspired by nature, and by typical scenes from my town and region. I feel very proud of the works that I create, and I look forward to sharing them with more and more people."

Asunta Pelaez Ramos is featured in Keepers of the Arts, a beautiful hardcover book available through Novica. Her art works have also been featured in Faith and Family magazine.

"I have been dedicated to this art form since I was 17 years old. I originally started learning through the influence of my husband's family. In time we united our skills and labor. Little by little, I learned to design and paint. I realized that the more I practiced, the more this craft won me over, offering me tremendous gratification. Now I consider it a way of life, dedicating myself full-time.

"I create many kinds of beautiful mirrors, coasters, boxes and trays. My tools consist of simple brushes, hammers, nails and glue. For the designs and illustrations, I use India ink to produce the finer details and outlines. Finally for colors I use tempera paints and purpurina, or gilt.

"I follow a meticulous process, carefully shaping the wood to give it a pleasing form. Later, for my mirrors, I cut the glass and outline my intended design on the surface with India ink. Next, I fill the outline with beautiful Cajamarca patterns using paints and gilt. To finish, I glue the glass to the wood and apply a rich golden paint to the borders of the frame. This whole process demands incredible patience and attention to detail.

"My designs are inspired by nature, and by typical scenes from my town and region. I feel very proud of the works that I create, and I look forward to sharing them with more and more people around the world."

2008 update from Asunta Pelaez:

"Novica has brought about a great change in my life, economically, of course, and personally as well, because I really value their recognition of my work. They make me feel good about myself, and encourage me to keep moving ahead. The testimonials my customers post make me happy. In my humble opinion, it seems like foreigners appreciate our handicrafts more than we Peruvians do. This kind of work won't make anyone rich, and making a living through art isn't easy, but, thanks to Novica, I can live without worries because I know I'll always have work. My workshop now provides employment to five fulltime helpers. When I receive large orders, as many as 17 people join me. Thanks to Novica, I can offer work to these people, including women with limited economic resources. This makes me feel useful. My income has doubled since I joined Novica. For me, Novica is something very special. People are surprised when I tell them I can't attend to their order requests, that I have too much work to do for my business. I talk about Novica as though it were my own business, and let other things go. For me, Novica comes first."

Customer Reviews

The mirror I ordered was absolutely beautiful!
- Rae Ann M, Tennessee, USA

received the mirror,it is absolutely beautiful. the workmanship is lovely and it has made a very fine gift. thankyou so much

The mirror is beautiful. It arrived in a pretty package too! Thank you.
- Mary W, Chicago, IL

Dear Sra. Ramos, My husband and I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful mirror (Red Star). We have it displayed at our front entry and enjoy it every time we enter or exit our home. The careful packaging and special touches of the postcard and the handmade colorful pin touched my heart. I plan to wear the pin to work and spread the word. Many blessings to you and your family. And to the Novica.com staff, I've only experienced excellent customer service-so rare; I am looking forward in receiving my second item from Ghana (and hopefully in the future many other delightful items). I'm spreading the word. Thank you, Mary
- Mary H, Benicia, CA, U.S.A.

I've purchased reverse-painted mirrors from Peru before, but the marigold design from Asunta Pelaez Ramos is by far the most beautiful I've seen. The picture doesn't begin to do justice to the colors and detailing of this exquisite item. I love it and am so pleased to display it in my home...thanks!
- S V, St. Charles, MO USA

We were eagerly looking forward for our Novica purchase of mirrors. The packaging of mirrors were outstanding. I have no words but to thank and appreciate Asunta Pelaez Ramos. We love the designs, colors used in our mirrors and the details perfected in it. We hope to enjoy our mirrors for many many years. Thanks to Novica too for bringing this product and artist to the market.
- S S

They love it! They love it! They looooooove your MARIGOLD MIRROR!!! I gave the mirror as a gift for their wedding. Thank you my dear wonderful artist "Asunta Pelaez Ramos", we cannot thank you enough for creating wonderful arts for the world! NOVICA! Great Job! Big Thanks to you too! May God bless our art world - Amen!
- M+M =L, Jakarta / Houston

I purchased 'Golden Star' and it is the most beautiful piece of wall art I own, not to mention, that it is my favorite! Asunta's details are remarkable. I am so impressed with her work. Thank you, Asunta.
- Kim M, Iowa

I ordered a crimson floral mirror. It was impeccable. I was amazed at the excellent protective packing. Great work!!
- Rashmi J, redmond

I Love the cajamarquena mirror that i purchased! Not only is it beautiful, but it helps me feel more connected to my mother's homeland. ! Gracias!
- Elisabeth G, South Dakota

i received the 3 mirror set. The packing was better than any product I have ever received. The workmanship was fabulous.The beauty and originality is great. Thank you, Ms. Pelaez. I'll be back.
- Sylvia Cantin, Easthampton, MA USA

The Butterscotch Blooms tray is absolutely beautiful. I gave it to my mother, who is very hard to please, and she said several times that it was the best gift anyone ever gave her. Thank you for a lovely piece of art!
- Heather Lowe, Corning NY USA

It's hard to find the words for Asunta Pelaez' amazing talent, but one that comes to mind is "magical"! My first mirror - "Floral Crimson" - arrived and to my amazement was even more beautiful than the pictures. I hope to buy more in the future. Ms. Pelaez, please continue your work - you have a gift I've seen in no other artist.
- Mary Overman, Durham, NC, USA

Dear Asunta your beautiful hand painted mirrors are a wonderful edition to our new shop at HARPERS fabulous finds in Old Town Spring Texas. The warm and vibrant colors are just perfect in todays decor. Thank you!
- Ramona H, at HARPERS Spring Texas

Dear Asunta, Thank you so much for the lovely Mirror you created.The painting and colors on it are exquisite. It now graces our bedroom wall between two brass sconces s. The "Jade Lace" is a work of art that will become a family heirloom my daughter will treasure also.
- Patricia Kowalski, Pompton Plains,N.J.

NOVICA - Asunta Pelaez