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~ Handmade Silver Jewelry ~
Here at NOVICA, you will find beautifully designed handmade silver jewelry that is extremely unique. Some of the finest silversmiths in the world contribute to our inventory of uniquely designed silver jewelry made from .925 silver content. Silver jewelry is a favorite around the globe, and we have a wide selection of designs and styles so you can accessorize any outfit.

Handmade silver jewelry is as beautiful as it is strong. The durability of silver jewelry makes it a favorite for many fashion conscious individuals. Artisans such as Wayan Asmana are known internationally for developing unique and interesting creations. Many silver jewelry designs include natural stones with one of the most popular being the turquoise-silver combination.

Handmade silver jewelry artisans such as Made Sriasih from Indonesia provide us with beautiful designs such as silver artistry encasing beautiful garnet or amethyst stones. Sriasih's Bali and Java designed earrings are a popular favorite due to their combination of ancient design and modern flair--her bracelets and necklaces in various stone combinations are well-liked as well. Indonesia is famous for its seductive jewelry, and we are proud to offer such detailed elegance at an affordable price.

At NOVICA, we want to become a well-known name that means the same thing in every language: unique, quality craftsmanship. Regardless of where you live, or what language you prefer, you can always turn to NOVICA when you're in need of handmade silver jewelry or other handcrafted items. We offer a wide selection of unique, artist-designed products from around the world on our website for your secure shopping convenience.


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