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Silk Fans

Silk Fans

Welcome to Novica's Silk Fans Collection! Explore our unique collection of handcrafted silk fans below:

About Silk Fans

Chinese fans date from the 2nd century BC. Their popularity spread throughout Southeast Asia and by the 17th century, they were a must for the fashionable European woman. Graceful and feminine, the fan became part of a lady's body language, thought to convey unspoken messages in a time of social restrictions. Indeed, a 1711 satire said 'Women are armed with fans as men with swords.'

Novica's Silk Fan Gallery features designs by talented Indonesian artisans, decorated with traditional batik designs. Always elegant, they are a beautiful summer accessory. Mix and match silk fans with a shawl, scarf or silk jacket. Crafted by hand, there's a style and color for every fashion mood.